First released in 2017, the Kia Soul EV is a small hatchback with an SUV-like appearance which has made it a popular choice for city dwellers. Set to become Australia’s cheapest electric car, the Kia Soul EV boast an impressive theoretical range of up to 452 km’s, which means it would be ideal for getting around in during the week – likely requiring no more than a single charge to get you through an entire week of car trips and daily errands. The range outpaces similar EV’s like the Nissan Leaf and means the model is considerably good value. A charge at home will take you around 10 hours, whilst you can get it up to 80 percent on a fast charger in a little over an hour. 

The car features a boxy body, but despite its appearance it’s actually very zippy – speeding up to 100 km in only 7.9 seconds.  

Boasting some impressive specs, the Kia Soul EV is definitely worth taking into consideration. Here’s the specs for the Kia Soul at a glance. 

Lithium Ion Battery

57.1 kWh

Theoretical Driving Range

452 km

Battery Efficiency

175 Wh/km

Acceleration0 to 100kph approx 7.9 secs
Top Speed167 km/h
Theoretical RangeUp to 452 km’s
Total Power150kW (395 Nm)
Battery & Charging
Battery TypeLithium Ion
Charge Time10 hours
Battery67.1 kWh
Efficiency175 Wh/km
Length4195 mm
Width1800 mm
Height1605 mm
Wheelbase2600 mm
Weight Empty1757 kg

The Kia Soul EV is a joy to drive, surprisingly sporty despite its appearance and able to take tight corners well, it’s great for weaving in and out of traffic in the cities. It features four different driving modes and different levels of braking regeneration so there’s plenty of choice depending on how you like to drive. For long, boring drives you’ll also appreciate the car’s features like it’s infotainment screen and cruise control. When you get it home to charge you’ll find it’s programmable feature which lets you choose when to recharge it is very helpful, this will allow you to take advantage of less expensive night tariffs. 

The Kia Soul EV is funky and unique, with it’s quirky design and bold interiors it stands out from the pack of electric cars and feels very spacious inside. 

The Kia Soul is extremely affordable, you can expect it to cost you around $30K and up in Australia, making it highly competitive when compared to other electric cars. Considering it’s range and power, the Kia Soul offers considerable value for its price tag.  

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