Released in 2019, the Peugeot e-208 is the European’s brand’s first foray into fully electric cars and it’s a good one! The e-208 impresses with a range of 340km’s and a quick charge time. The Peugeot e-208 is the first of a number of planned electric cars for the brand which has said that it has new models in the pipeline. The Peugeot e-208 features a sleek design and interior that’s practical for the day-to-day, it will feel very zippy when driving and is extremely economic to charge up – taking just 30 minutes to reach 80% when using a fast charger. Better yet, it can be charged by the brand’s app, allowing you to turn it on and off according to your tariff’s, even when you’re not home. It’s very compact inside but still comfortable and includes all the gadgets you’d expect from Peugeot like a 7-inch touchscreen, Apple Carplay and 3D digital dials. 

The Peugeot e-208 has some great specs and is an extremely comfortable choice for getting around. Take a look at the specs for the Peugeot e-208 at a glance. 

Lithium Ion Battery

50.0 kWh

Theoretical Driving Range

340 km

Battery Efficiency

164 Wh/km

Acceleration0 to 100kph approx 8.1 secs
Top Speed150 km/h
Theoretical RangeUp to 340 kms
Total Power100kW (260 Nm)
Battery & Charging
Battery TypeLithium Ion
Charge Time5 hours
Battery50.0 kWh
Efficiency164 Wh/km
Length4055 mm
Width1745 mm
Wheelbase2540 mm
Weight Empty1530 kg

 The Peugeot e-208 is undoubtedly a good pick when it comes to the latest electric cars on the market. It is very comfortable and features a decent sized boot and plenty of space for adults to comfortably ride in the front and the back thanks to the clever use of space – the lithium ion battery has been stored under the rear seats to stop it from eating into cabin space. 

For longer trips the car features a range of smart features including cruise control which will make getting around on faster motorways much less stressful. You’ll also discover that it has a trip planner and full-park assist. Inside you’ll find classy interiors and black trim which feel higher end, especially the two-tier concave dash. This feels like a very upmarket car and you definitely get good bang for your buck when it comes to aesthetics. 

With it’s more than reasonable drive range of 340 km’s – on the higher end for electric cars in it’s price range, you’ll have no trouble getting around the city or two and from work during the week on a single charge. For longer distances you won’t be waiting long, it can be charged up in just 5 hours. 

In Australia you can expect the Peugeot e-208 to run you around $45K, which is a very reasonable price when you consider all it’s features and should definitely be put towards the top of your list for electric cars to consider. 

Want to drive one of your own? Check out our current stock list for currently available imported models, or talk to us about importing a Peugeot e-208 to suit your needs.